Gallery design for The Center of the History of Psychology

Bark at the Moon Graphics worked with The University of Akron and The Archives of the History of American Psychology on the design and development of a 1300 sq. ft. gallery located on the college campus. The project, which required four months to complete, started in the basement of the Polsky Building where the archives were originally stored. The Bark at the Moon team reviewed and photographed hundreds of priceless archives as part of the process to determine which would be featured in the gallery. Once the archives were cataloged, we developed a floor plan which detailed the flow of the gallery and location of each display. We then selected paint colors for the gallery and brought in carpenters to construct several free walls in the display area. Production also included the design and fabrication of custom display podiums, and a 10' x 12' illuminated acrylic case located at the entrance of the gallery that holds close to 30 psychological archives. Video monitors are integrated into the gallery displays which provide visitors with an in-depth view of several historic experiments. There's also a display featuring Sigmund Freud home movie footage. In addition to the design and fabrication of the gallery space, Bark at the Moon also installed the entire display.

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  1. Concept
  2. Gallery space evaluation and floor design
  3. Archive selection
  4. Design and layout
  5. Fabrication
  6. Audio visual component selection
  7. Production
  8. Installation

Advertising That Can Change a Life

Summit County Children Services (a not-for-profit agency) selected Bark at the Moon as their agency to develop two TV, radio and print ads that would reach out to the community in an effort to encourage individuals to become foster-to-adopt parents. Our scripts communicate the dramatic impact foster-to-adopt parents make on a child’s life by being there to wipe a tear or to hold their hand when they need guidance and help.

To keep production costs in budget, we utilized green screen technology for these commercials. This technique allowed us to drop-in digital background environments in post-production eliminating the need for several costly, on-location video shoots.

Leveraging Economies of Scale to Get More Bank For Your Advertising Buck

With every site we build, we install analytical tracking code to enable very detailed visitor reporting statistics.

Analytical data can measure the response on a particular marketing campaign by analyzing data before and after a promotion.

However, raw analytical data is often overwhelming and confusing. Honestly, unless you know what you're looking at it can be downright daunting.

We offer many analytic reporting packages that you can choose from. Reports can be prepared monthly, quarterly or as often as requested. The main purpose of integrating analytics into your website is to help improve your users’ experience. Analyzing your raw data allows us to measure how visitors found your site and how they navigate within it.

Incorporating analytical tracking into a new web site ensures we have all the data we need to make intelligent recommendations about the best way to help your customers find what they're looking for.

Some of the key information that can be attained from analytics include:

  1. Which pages are getting the most visits
  2. How many visits (including unique visitors) your site is getting
  3. Where your visitors are located (city, state, country)
  4. Which pages your visitors are exiting your site from
  5. What k eywords were used to find your site
  6. What websites sent visitors to your site (referral traffic)
  7. Where a sale was lost during the checkout process

More in-depth knowledge of visitor's technicals are available if the need arises, such as.

  1. How many pages on your site your visitors are viewing
  2. What percentage of your visitors are new vs returning
  3. Platform of use (Mac, PC, iPhone, Blackberry, Handheld, etc)
  4. Browser type and version (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc)
  5. Flash version (To determine flash viewability by users)
  6. Screen resolution and color depth

Site Development and Ad Campaign Scores a TOUCHDOWN

Masters Fantasy Football looked to Bark at the Moon to develop an interactive website, craft a marketing theme, design print ads and develop an online, animated, Flash banner ad campaign.

The print ads in targeted trade magazines combined with the online banner ads will enable Masters Fantasy Football to reach over three million potential customers in their first three months.

The print ads in targeted trade magazines combined with the online banner ads will enable Masters Fantasy Football to reach over three million potential customers in their first three months of advertising.