Brand Application Down to the Pixel

App Icon and Launch Screen DesignWhen COCC, an award-winning financial technology company, needs digital art developed for the Apps they provide to clients they recommend Bark at the Moon.

Art for use in the App Store and Google Play is measure in pixels not inches so designing an icon that properly identifies a company can be challenging. That’s why we first take the time to understand your visual identity to ensure the graphics we create provide a seamless extension of your brand on a wide variety of digital platforms.

Once your initial icon is designed and approved, a full set of over 50 different graphic files are developed at various sizes to accommodate the wide spectrum of phones, tablets and other devices in the market.

With over 25 years of digital design experience, you can be assured the art we create for your institution will properly reflect your brand, have the visual impact needed, and most importantly be developed at correct size and color-space required.

That’s why COCC trusts Bark at the Moon to develop art for the clients they serve.