FAA Certified Drone Imagery

There’s something special about aerial photography which is not restricted by height or terrain limitations. When our client needed an image of the downtown Cuyahoga Falls Riverfront from a unique vantage point for a direct mail campaign, we took to the skies to capture the perfect shot.

At Bark at the Moon, we take aerial photography and videography seriously. You may not be aware of this, but the FAA has very strict regulations in regard to who can fly a drone commercially. At Bark at the Moon our drone pilot is FAA certified and insured. Before each flight, he first attains airspace clearance and activates insurance coverage allowing him to legally and safely fly the drone when and where we need to capture the image. This attention to detail, combined with our creativity and experience, enables our studio to offer our clients photography from a truly different point of view.

When you need to take to the skies for that perfect photo, give us a call or send a message.