Gallery Design, Fabrication and Installation

Bark at the Moon Graphics worked with The University of Akron and The Archives of the History of American Psychology on the design and development of their original  1300 sq. ft. gallery space located on the college campus. The project, which required four months to complete, started in the basement of the Polsky Building where the archives were originally stored.

The Bark at the Moon team reviewed and photographed hundreds of rare and priceless artifacts as part of the process to determine which would be featured in the gallery. Once the artifacts were selected and cataloged, we developed a floor plan which detailed the flow of the gallery and location of each display. We then selected paint colors for the gallery and brought in carpenters to construct several free walls in the display area.

Production of the gallery included the design and fabrication of custom display podiums and a 10′ x 12′ illuminated acrylic case located at the entrance of the gallery that holds close to 30 psychological archives. Video monitors are integrated into the gallery displays which provide visitors with an in-depth view of several historic experiments including Sigmund Freud home movie footage. We also design and fabricated several interactive kiosks visitors to the gallery could interact with that test memory and cognitive skills. In addition to the design and fabrication of the gallery space, Bark at the Moon also installed the entire display.

Our efforts brought these historic artifacts out of the darkness of storage and into the light for the public study, enjoy and appreciate. Bringing this gallery to fruition also attracted the donation of additional significant artifacts and a means to help raise major funding to build the current AHAP gallery.


    1. Concept
    2. Gallery space evaluation and floor design
    3. Archive selection
    4. Design and layout
    5. Fabrication
    6. Audio visual component selection
    7. Production
    8. Installation