Logo Development 411

Frequently a client will come to us with a logo idea scribbled on a napkin or notepad. They have an idea of what they want in a design, but don’t have the skills or software required to create professional, production ready art. In these instances, we’ll provide a cost based on the time required to create clean vector art from their rough sketch. The time required to do this varies based on the complexity of the concept.


Most often, a client has no preconceived idea on what they want for a logo. In this instance, we’ll schedule a discovery meeting to learn more about the objectives and goals.

A few of the topics we’ll discuss include things like…
1. What is your mission statement?
2. Who is the primary audience?
3. In what ways will the logo be used?

The information gathered at a discovery meeting will be used for reference and research that will guide the creative process.

When completed, we’ll deliver a visual mark that can be used as the foundation for all your branding efforts moving forward (which we can help with as well).

Let’s talk about your logo needs. Call to schedule a meeting or send us a message.