Logo Design From a Napkin Sketch

cca logoEver heard the story about a guy who has a great idea that he quickly sketches out on a napkin? In the world of professional design this actually happens all the time! Recently, a client approached us to design a logo for the Canton Cemetery Association.

We were supplied with some written instructions and a sketch on (you guessed it) a napkin. Although this may appear to have been “sketchy” input, it was enough for us to develop a logo that the client was absolutely thrilled with!

Written instructions provided by the client: Around the perimeter we would like the words “Canton Cemetery Association” (top) and “established 1859” (on the bottom). The center of the circle should feature a bridge over a stream with a sun setting in the background, along with a cluster of pine trees. This logo can be multi-colored but must be designed in such a way that the art can be printed in black and white without losing the integrity of the image.