Logo, Identity & Brand 101


A Company Logo is…

  • The representation of a company in its simplest form
  • The emblem, icon, mascot or primary graphic of the company
  • The instantly recognizable graphical symbol of a company
  • The graphics is typically a trademark of the company

A Company Identity is…

  • The various physical elements of the company that consumers come in contact with
  • Made up of the complete assortment of materials that are circulated to consumers; company logo, business cards, stationery, print collateral, email signatures, websites, advertisements, uniforms, location architecture, fleet-graphics, packaging, taglines, etc
  • Often guided by a “Brand Style Guide” document

A Company Brand is…

  • More of a vibe or concept than a physical object
  • The underlying foundation/guidance of a company’s entire marketing direction
  • An emotional and psychological experience between the company and consumers
  • Includes a “brand strategy” or series of statements or guidelines that all marketing items follow