Holyoke Credit Union


    Kiosk Touchscreen Presentation Intro

Design & Execution

Bark at the Moon developed this client’s website at holyokecu.com. When they decided to boost the in lobby customer experience with an interactive kiosk, they turned to the team at Bark at the Moon for help. This looping video presentation was developed as the introduction for a fully interactive touchscreen lobby kiosk. During the creative development process we had two primary goals – to grab the attention of customers entering the lobby and to communicate that they should interact with, and touch the kiosk screen. This objective was achieved through the use of strong call-to-action verbiage and motion graphics. And when it’s time for an update, Bark at the Moon can remotely update a new presentation within minutes. Our team also worked closely with touchscreen technicians to produce a custom web-based interactive presentation that enables customers to explore the credit unions product offerings by easily navigating through the kiosks touch interface.

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