Site Analytics 101

With every site we develop, we install analytical tracking code to enable very detailed visitor reporting statistics. We can use this data to measure the response on a particular marketing campaign by analyzing data before and after a promotion. We offer many analytic reporting packages. Reports can be prepared monthly, quarterly or as often as requested.

Information that can be attained from analytics include:

    1. Which pages are get the most visits
    2. How many visits (including unique visitors) is your site getting
    3. Where your visitors are located (city, state, country)
    4. Which pages your visitors are exiting your site from
    5. What keywords were used to find your site
    6. What websites sent visitors to your site (referral traffic)

In-depth look at visitor’s behavior includes:

    1. How many pages on your site your visitors are viewing
    2. What percentage of your visitors are new vs returning
    3. Platform of use (Mac, PC, iPhone, Blackberry, Handheld, etc)
    4. Browser type and version (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc)
    5. Flash version (To determine flash viewability by users)
    6. Screen resolution and color depth