Thank You For Your Service

When Officer Jeff Michel of the Richfield, Ohio Police Department approached Bark at the Moon about helping with the design of fleet graphics for their new police cruisers, the immediate answer was “absolutely!” Officer Michel, a 30-year veteran, and studio owner Rich Loney have been friends since 3rd grade but that’s not the only reason we wanted to lend our talents. Recently a friend of Rich’s lost his father, Bob Kruty Sr., a highly decorated officer who served the communities of Cleveland and Peninsula for over 40 years. Inspired by Bob Kruty Sr.’s lifelong dedication to protect and service, Rich donated the creative development time on this project as a tribute to Officer Kruty. The final design (a collaborative effort between Rich Loney and Officer Michel) features a stylized eagle which represents truth, courage and freedom along with a thin blue line symbolic of solidarity for officers. The new vehicles are set to arrive late Spring of 2020 at which point the graphics will be installed.